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The Ferrari 360 GTC Sports Car

unduhan (18)The Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale – A close look at this classic sports car’s performance, technical data, features, comparing rivals, history, used prices.

from Classic to Modern


The 360 GT sports car received limited production, which ended in 2003, when it was succeeded by the Ferrari 360 GTC, where “C” referred to Competition.

The 360 GTC received its press release in late 2003 at the Bologna Motor Show, and was produced up to 2004.

With collaboration from Michelotto, it was fully supported by Ferrari, and was developed with the aim of being a major force when entered in the GT Championship.

The 360 GT, although it performed well on the track, struggled when competing with the likes of the Porsche 996 GT3, and it was for this reason that the GTC was introduced.

its weight had been reduced to 1000 kg from the 1100 kg of the 360 GT, and Ferrari benefited from the experience gained when race testing the GT.

The GTC was homologated (entitlement to race) by the FIA

How Do I Detect an Exhaust Leak

images (18)Detecting an exhaust leak, helps you save sold parts and services that you usually avail of in a shop. In case you are up to diagnosing, the leak yourself, you will have to know which parts are to be repaired or replaced. About 20 minutes is the required time needed to ensure that your exhaust is in leak or not.

Step 1

The front of the vehicle is to raised to as high as possible. Next, place two jack stands underneath the front arms suspension supporting the front end of the air.

Step 2

Next, step into the car and start the vehicle.

Step 3

Get underneath the vehicle at the front. Gets a friend to plug-in the tailpipe of the vehicle using a balled up rag or towel. A sputtering or hissing noise will be heard next. The location to your exhaust leak is just where you have the hissing noise coming from.

Step 4

To know exactly what are the parts to be replaced or repaired, mark the location of the leak down.

Instruction 1

Keep the

Luxury Cars That Show Your Status Now on Hire

mercedes-e-class-three-quarter-silverWith the world getting faster in terms of social, commercial and technological developments, it is equally becoming costlier to own a luxury car esp. for those businessmen who seek to have one but cringe back owing to budgetary considerations. Purchasing a super premium car puts holes in your pocket full of hard-earned savings. Nonetheless, if situations like meeting a precious client for the first time, posh corporate events compel you to have such car, turn to hiring option. Yes. That’s right. Now you can hire these cars that you once dreamed about all the time. It’s natural for ambitious executives to desire comfortable travelling by luxurious cars that would elevate their status in society.

Now, you can have your dream car. Hiring is the best option against buying a brand new car that guzzles your earnings. This is the most economical way to have a car of your dream. You need not to spend a hefty amount on the new car. And why to do it when the best option is available? You can have all feel-good factors while driving the

Top Tips to Minimise Your Service and Repair Bills

unduhan (17)Owning a vehicle can be a costly venture. Not only do you need to plan for the initial purchase and rising cost of fuel but you will also need to plan for service and repair bills throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. While a regular Subaru car service schedule is important, it is possible to minimise the need for servicing and repair with some basic preventative measures.

1. Buy Fuel at a Reputable Service Station:

Many consumers have found that their vehicles suffer a drop in performance after buying fuel at certain service stations. This is likely because the garage has neglected basic maintenance changing the filters on each of the pumps. This allows particles of debris to be mixed with the fuel and enter into your engine. While your Subaru car service may include changing your fuel filter, you could have already suffered damage to your engine. It is far better to find a reputable garage who have a strict policy regarding their pump filters.

2. Discard Your Old Keys:

Many people develop a huge collection of keys on their key chain. While this

Vintage Cars Something Very Vintage About It

unduhan (14)Cars are one of the wonders of the world, and who possess vintage car know its real worth so they feel proud about owning it. Vintage means old models that were manufactured many years ago and are a fascination for the collectors. The cars of the period of 1919 to 1970s are considered vintage now a days. They are, also known as antique and classic, and they are categorised at various levels by enthusiasts according to their designs, manufacturing and styles. They create a sense of pride for the owners and they bring back the pre-retro times into the context of their life. These vehicles are combination of romance and beauty, attributed to many of their features. Although, finding a vintage car at an affordable price is very difficult and they carry a big price tag.

Most featured vintage car models:

· 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra: Well, the name is attached to Caroll Shelby and thus, the product has to be of prime quality. It has a maddening power to weight ratio making it one of the best vintage car. Extremely successful and has lot of nice

The Noble M400 Sports Car

1347563751The Noble M400 – A close look at this sports car including performance, technical data, features, comparing rivals, history, used prices

from Classic to Modern


The Noble M400 sports car, introduced in 2004 and priced at $94,000, was designed as the track version of the M12 that was originally launched in 2000.

Its name was derived from the simple fact that the figure of 400 referred to the cal’s power-to-weight ratio.

Specific changes from the M12 included an anti-roll bar at the front, stronger springs, improved shock absorbers, a racing harness, and adjustments to the seating position so that the driver was now aligned more centrally to allow additional headroom for wearing a crash helmet when racing.

The front splitter was removed, and side vents were added behind the doors in order to improve air flow.

It had a kerb weight of 1060 kg, although air conditioning was offered as an optioanal extra even though it would increase overall weight.

It had a composite fibreglass body and steel space frame chassis, and

The Factors That Make Your Car Vintage

Vintage-Car-Wallpaper-PCIf you are considering selling an old car that you wish to dispose of, do it only after you double-check and confirm that the car is not vintage. Old classic cars may not mean a lot to you if you are not an ardent car lover. However, selling vintage cars without knowing their worth makes you miss out on the potential gain you would have had in your bank account otherwise. Being a part of vintage car shows can remind you about the hundreds of dollars that you can gain by selling these car parts. To add to this, if you own a vintage car that works, then you can be certain of making great profit by selling it.

Before you decide on selling the car that you have owned for ages, it is vital that you understand its worth, especially if the car is worth a lot more than you think it is. Any particular vehicle that was manufactured in between the years 1920 and 1950 are considered vintage vehicles. There are a lot

Choosing a Body Shop for Classic Car Restoration or Repainting of an Older Car

unduhan (13)In the market for a classic car restoration? When you have a car that is considered a classic, you may want to take it to a body shop to have it professionally restored. The process involves more than just a new paint job, and implies that it is being put back in its authentic condition, just as it was when it was new on the showroom floor. Not all body shops are equipped to handle a true restoration.

What is Classic Car Restoration?

A classic car is defined by the Classic Car Club of America as a vehicle between 30 and 49 years, while one between 50 and 99 years is considered a pre-antique and cars 100 years and older, an antique. Not all older cars meet the definition of “classic car.” The crucial thing with classics is that they represented “fine or unusual motorcars” distinguished by “fine design, high engineering standards, and superior workmanship.” Often costly at the time, they often have other distinguishing characteristics, based on their engine displacement, custom coach work, and luxury accessories. Other car organizations have different criteria, while some states consider

Exotic Cars Expectations and Realities When Looking for One

unduhan (12)What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of exotic cars? Is it a popular sports car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini? Or maybe you prefer some of the latest muscle and luxury cars around, like the Ford Mustang, the Chevrolet Camaro, or the Ashton Martin V12 Vantage S.

Whatever rare car you’re dreaming of, you should know from the outset that it takes more than a bulging briefcase of cash (or a check with dozens of zeros) to get your own exotic car of choice. Look back to the first time you’ve bought a car. Snagging the car of your dreams requires more than just walking into that dealership: you’ve got to negotiate your loan rate (if any), discuss the terms, request to upgrade or modify some things here and there, and so on. Let’s discuss the process of buying an exotic car.

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

There are many exotic cars to choose from, especially if money is no object, but it’s certainly going to be easier said than done to decide

New Aston Martin DB9 for the Luxury Ride

aston-martin-db9-2015-cars-characters-pics-730x450Aston Martin DB9 is here for quite a while, but now it offers all new features and a complete transformed look. It seems as the British car maker it putting all the efforts to maintain customer interest. The new DB9 is being built as the most powerful version and supported by a number of stunning upgrades both inside and out.

It keeps the same 5.9-liter V12 engine, which is common to most of the Aston Models for the past few years. However, this new model is capable of generating more output – generally increased by 30 horsepower to 540, which the torque is unchanged delivering the same 457 pound-feet. As claimed by its manufacturer, the DB9 GT model can do 0 to 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds and can reach up to the top speed of 183 mph. The six-speed automatic transmission sends the power to its rear wheels, and offers electronic shift-by-wire manual control.

Aside from its additional horsepower, the improvised DB9 has got some extra computing power in the form of AMi II touchscreen infotainment system by

Some Interesting Facts About Lamborghini

unduhan (11)The technology behind each Lamborghini masterpiece is said to be a beast. From its unique aerodynamic features and looks, it comes to no surprise that most sports car enthusiasts prefer the exotic car brand. Almost everybody dreams of owning one.

If you’ve ever been to any place in the UAE, you’ll immediately notice their culture for luxury cars, including Lamborghinis. But there are many features to consider, like the most advanced safety options, entertainment technology, and customization.

Interesting Lamborghini Facts

Known for their exotic cars, Lamborghinis have been praised from the engine, to the body. It was first started to build better cars than Ferrari’s infamous vehicles. If you’re planning to buy your own Lambo, here are some interesting facts you should know.

1. Lamborghini was a master mechanic.

Most people consider Ferruccio Lamborghini as the original Tony Stark. He was stationed on an isolated island during WWII for the Italian Royal Air Force as a vehicle maintenance supervisor. Because it was difficult to secure parts, Lamborghini cobbled together scraps to keep his machines running.

Hints and Tips on Storing Your Classic Car Over the Winter

unduhan (10)We don’t let our classic cars go out on hire in the depths of winter, particularly once the first frosts arrive and the councils start spreading salt on the roads. Our cars were never rustproofed when new and even though we tend to Waxoyl them ourselves this can never be done completely and always leaves untreated bodywork which is subject to the dreaded tin worm.

We take them all off the road over the winter and work through our list of improvements and put them all through our garage for their main annual service. Putting them away for the winter isn’t just a matter of driving them into the garage and we do, and recommend that classic car owners do, as much of the following as is practicable.

    • Clean and polish the whole car properly, including the underside of the bonnet and boot lids and as much of the engine bay as is reachable. Empty the boot and clean and polish the inside of the boot and the boot floor.
    • While you have the spare wheel out make sure it is clean and check the tyre pressure. As

Why Hiring A Super Car Is A Better Deal To Crack Than Buying

unduhan (15)Buying a super car is not within the reach of an ordinary man. These cars are expensive and are known for its comfort, unusual driving experience, charismatic charm and sophistication. These vehicles have been designed to meet the requirements of high-end customers ready to spend thousands of pounds after its purchase.

To drive a super car like Aston Martin, Ferrari or Bentley is like a dream come true for most of the middle-class people. Though buying these cars might not be a feasible option for most of the middle-class crowd, but giving a thought to a thrilling luxury car drive does not require capital investment. Thanks to the car rental companies that offers an opportunity to the people for hiring such stylish and luxurious cars at affordable prices. So, why not hire one of these vehicles and cruise around the city with style.

Hiring super cars for the events like weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries or any other occasions are a very common thing these days, and is a perfect excuse to be extravagant as hiring them may cost a little higher than the ordinary ones.


Fitting an Oil Catch Tank to an Austin Healey 3000

unduhan (9)Big Austin Healeys have always been notorious for heavy oil consumption – even the manual says they may consume 1 pint of oil per 250 miles. While this was probably normal in the 1940s and 1950s it is not the case on modern cars. Some of this oil goes past the valves and mixes with the exhaust gases that are ‘blown-by’ the piston rings into the crankcase. Our Healey is fitted as standard with a Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system which links the crankcase to the rocker cover and then via a T-piece across to the rear of one of the carburettor air filter canisters. This is designed to reduce the gas pressure built up in the crankcase and rocker cover, rather than reduce the oil consumption.

The PCV system means that the oil fumes are sucked into the carburettors by the inlet manifold vacuum and burnt along with the fuel. When I accelerated hard in our Austin Healey 3000 I could see exhaust fumes in the rear view mirror, so it seemed the system was burning some oil as well as the crankcase fumes.

A coupe

The Importance Of Tightening Spokes On Wire Wheels On Classic Cars

unduhan (8)I own a number of classic cars and have never really been a fan of wire wheels for a variety of reason. Firstly they take a lot of cleaning and it is very difficult to get between all the spokes and to clean the hub properly. Secondly and more importantly, spokes can work loose, or worse still they can actually crack or break under hard driving. I have never had a spoke snap on me, you really need to be doing some spirited rallying for them to fail, but I have had them work loose.

Over the years I have replaced the wire wheels on some of our cars (MGB Roadster, Triumph TR4a and Austin Healey) with Minilite alloy wheels and have D-Type alloy wheels on our Jaguar E-Type. These are easier to clean, no spokes to mess about with and they are actually easier for tyre companies to balance properly so normally make for a smoother, better ride. One of my latest acquisitions is a 1961 Jaguar Mk2 saloon which arrived with chrome wire wheels. Minilites would look out of place on a Jaguar and changing to

Fantastic 1966 Porsche 912 Barn Find

1966-Porsche-912The Porsche 912 came on the automotive scene in 1965 and served as a great sports car between the Porsche 356 and the young 911 buyers. Coming with a four-cylinder engine instead of the 911’s now famous and more popular flat-six. This made it cheaper to buy, more balanced, and more familiar to those who loved the 356. Initially, the 912 outsold the 911 by a large margin which was a big boost to Porsches bottom line.

Porsche offered the short lived 912 through 1969, at which point it was then replaced with the 914 model, before returning for one more year in 1976 as the 912E.

This 912 in particular was purchased from its original Tennessee owner and is in very restorable condition. The current owner reports that the gauges, radio and even wipers still work. The engine runs, but looks to need a complete tune up and probably a good general going over.

The interior is in good shape with no rips in the seats and a head liner that is

Mercedes-Benz a Touch of Class

Mercedes-Benz-a-Touch-of-Class90 years ago, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler founded the brand “Mercedes-Benz” in Stuttgart, Germany. After the first world war, the economy was so badly affected that the idea of merging and building a partnership was considered something that overcome the climates obstacles. The DMG and Benz & Cie., the then two biggest automobile manufacturers in the world, successfully merged in May 1924, and in 1926, “Mercedes-Benz” was born.

The Mercedes’ tri-star logo represents the company’s dominance over land, sea and air. According to the company, it represents the automaker’s drive toward universal motoring with its engines dominating the land, sea and air. The emblem is a symbol for world domination.

Cars that created history

The Engines of Mercedes cars are of supreme quality. These top quality engines evolved with the evolution of different cars in every era since its first production. Model K was the first car produced, after the two companies merged.

It was incredibly successful and production of Mercedes-Benz cars rose to 7,000 in 1927. Then came the S series with a variety of cars

Jaguar E-Type Driving Experience Days

unduhan (7)The Jaguar e-type is a special car that is held dear by many, to understand why all you need do is analyse the statistics of this car. This car known as the e-type in the United Kingdom was called the XK-E in the North American market.

These days it is a legendary car, and a perfect choice for a driving experience, be it for yourself or as a gift for someone else. To understand why the e-type is such a good choice we need to understand why it took control of the market the way it did and why it has remained a much loved car to this day.

Manufactured from 1961 till 1975 this car was known for its beautiful aesthetics and addictive performance. It had a book 0-60 of 7.1 seconds but this was a cautious number and in reality most of the cars where faster than this, some even claiming to complete the dash in as little as 6.7 seconds, now that’s still a fast car even compared to cars on the market today.

Powered by a great throbbing straight 6 that came

Do Luxury Cars Really Attract And Impress Women

unduhan (6)There seems to be a general feeling that women are generally impressed by guys who drive expensive cars. Some guys even seem to believe that they have a better chance of scoring a date if they drive an exotic or expensive car.

Personally, I have NEVER thought to myself “Wow, that guy driving the 7-series must be loaded! Let me go get some of that!” The feelings I generally get when seeing a guy in a super expensive car such as a Lamborghini or Bentley run anywhere from apathy to envy to motivation. Let me explain further…

Apathy – Most of the time I could care less if a guy drives a $200,000 car. When I DO LOOK, it’s to check out the car and not the guy. Personally, I find no glory in dating a guy driving an expensive car. I am extremely ambitious I would rather work hard enough in order to BUY a $200,000 car myself. What do you gain from sitting in the passenger seat of an expensive car? Absolutely nothing. I would rather be the owner of the car; that’s where the